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Festival of Flavor - Foley, Alabama

The local secret is out... The best time to go to the beach in Alabama is in the Fall! Book your stay with Meyer Vacation Rentals by using Promo Code 18BACK40.

The heat (and traffic) subsides and the local scene comes alive. The year-round residents of these seasonal gulfside boom towns throw their own "I thought those people would NEVER go home" parties to celebrate all of the hard work and hustle that goes into playing host for the droves of tourists and weekenders all summer long. One of the best celebrations is the Foley Festival of Flavor put on each year by The South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce. Every Fall, the Festival of Flavor brings to the forefront the cuisine, music, people, and FLAVOR of the Gulf Coast in celebration of all things LOCAL.

At Back Forty Beer Company, we haven't missed a year since it started six years ago! This year we have partnered with The South Baldwin Chamber to produce a special limited edition beer and can design to commemorate the occasion. And since the secret is out, we want YOU to join us.

We have teamed up with our longtime Official Corporate Travel Partners Meyer Vacation Rentals to offer you an affordable way to join the party. Use Promo Code 18BACK40 to save a whopping 20% on your 3+night condo or 4+night house stay! From the Chicago Street Supper on Thursday night, the party goes on throughout the weekend in and around Foley. Oh, and we know what you're thinking, Alabamians don't miss football for any reason. Well you better believe that the Festival of Flavor provides two HUGE outdoor viewing screens and win or lose, you'll be surrounded by great local food and craft beer.

Come join us and LIVE LIKE A LOCAL!

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