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Podcast & Blog Disclaimer


Podcasts are most certainly a major part of our lives in these two thousand teens, but they are unique (we think) to the brewery world. So We (defined below) have to write out little disclaimers like this. 


If you are familiar with podcasts, you should not be surprised that sometimes the content gets a little NSFW (Not Safe for Work, and if you didn't know what that meant, you may not be ready for podcasts).


That said, We do not go out of our way to say curse words or talk about subjects that some may consider inappropriate. But occasionally an f- or s-bomb will drop, or maybe we'll have a conversation or a viewpoint you don't agree with. We will try to give fair warning at the beginning of any episodes or blog entries that gets into NSFW territory. But if we miss one or two or ten, please forgive us.


Whatever your sensibilities, please KNOW THIS:​

General Disclaimer


The things said on the Drink on the Job podcast and written on The Barn blog are the opinions of the individuals saying or writing those things and do not represent the views or opinions of Back Forty Beer Company, LLC or any of its affiliates. 


Moreover, the Drink on the Job podcast and The Barn blog are communities and venues of self expression for the participants in a podcast or the writer(s) of a blog entry. They are, we'll say it, a shining example of American freedom, particularly the freedom of speech. So don't make us bleep or chop anything because that will make it all pointless and fake and unAmerican.

Not Advertising

The content on the Drink on the Job podcast and related content on The Barn blog is not "advertising," as such term or related terms may be defined at law including but not limited to in Title 27, Part 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Administrative Code Section 20­-X­-7­.01. The content on Drink on the Job and related content on The Barn is not calculated to induce sales. The content is not even "calculated" at all. They are just conversations, which are by definition informal. Things that are calculated:


Pre-produced and edited Television & Radio Commercials

Pre-designed Magazine & Print Advertisements (not interviews)



(8 x 4)/2 = 16

Sponsorship and Funding Policy  


As of Thursday, May 5, 2016, neither the podcast nor the blog has any sponsors  We are not ruling out sponsors in the future because we like money, too. But we like editorial freedom more. So if we do start taking sponsorship money, rest assured that no company/entity will have any editorial control over the podcast whatsoever...unless they offer a gazillion dollars. As it stands right now, on este Cinco de Mayo, We derive no compensation from sponsors and no sponsors have editorial control over the content of Drink on the Job or The Barn. ​

Copyright and Distribution Info


The contents of the Drink on the Job podcast and The Barn blog are all copyrighted by Back Forty Beer Company, LLC, David Carn or guests or content providers, depending on the individual circumstances. All podcasts, blog posts and show notes that are distributed to the public for free can be re-distributed via hard copy or electronic copy for free ONLY if proper acknowledgment is givenwithin the actual media that is re-distributed. By commenting on the blog website, you agree to give Back Forty Beer Company LLC an indefinite license to republish your comments in any format.​

Definition of "We"


Who are "We"? We are makers, we are individuals with opinions and ideas, we are the creators of the hopefully enjoyable content you find on the Drink on the Job podcast and The Barn. "We" are Back Forty Beer Company, LLC ONLY in the sense that we offer a forum for lively discussion, and We need to disclaim corporate liability for the opinions of the individuals having those discussions. We are fine taking responsibility for coordinated and "calculated" advertising campaigns we do as a company (see examples above, minus the math example...we are not responsible for math). But this podcast and related blog entries create a community for discussion, for sharing ideas, for exercising our freedoms. It would be counter-productive if we brought out the censor pens and the bleeps. 


Now, consider us all disclaimed, and go enjoy some great stories!

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